New Island Festival. Created by Dutch artists. Governors Island september 10-20

Friesland Day

A full day of electrifying events to celebrate the Dutch province of Fryslân. Saturday, Sept. 12th.

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Kicking off the day will be the Opening Ceremony of Fryslân House (10 AM - Noon). The Fryslân House will provide meeting and office accommodations for Frisian businesses in New York.  Renowned Frisian sculptor Jan Ketelaar will present his work "States of Holland" to the Friesland House.

During the afternoon and evening, renowned musicians, writers, scientists, and other prominent figures will be reflecting on the relationship between Frisians and Americans.  The Queen’s Commissioner in the Province of Friesland, J.A. Jorritsma, will be presenting copies of the book “Famous Frisians in America” to various special guests including international top model Doutzen Kroes, herself originally from Friesland. 

The book is a collection of fascinating profiles of 70 famous Frisians in America. There will also be a string of groundbreaking performances by celebrated Frisian artists, such as the composer Sytze Pruiksma, singer Nynke Laverman, and poet Tsjêbbe Hettinga.

Friesland Day is presented by Charles Groenhuijsen, a Frisian who lives between the Netherlands and America.

Friesland Day will be a private event, with the exception of the evening performances.

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