New Island Festival. Created by Dutch artists. Governors Island september 10-20

Silent Disco

The most unusual dance party you’ve ever been to – a quiet one.

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DJ NO DJ (Nico Okkerse) is a former street musician, actor, theatre producer and cultural political adviser. He’s famous for his radical mixes of distinctive tunes and unexpected accompaniments.  DJ NO DJ can mash up 1920s swing with drum & bass, classic punk with modern salsa.

DJ BIG KING BING (Bing Wiersma) is an actor and theatre maker who lost his heart to the Silent Disco about 5 years ago.  He likes to delve into his disco collection, his club and his garage sounds from the last few decades. He’s also developed a fondness for electro and deeper dance sounds, nice and rough.

DJ STEVEN GUTS (Ernst Walgenbach) is a writer, performer, singer and music freak who has been hopping the club circuit of Rotterdam since the age of 15. With his characteristic smile and sometimes absurd anecdotes, he mixes an emulsion of Indie, Big Beat, Breakz, Electro, Hip Hop, Techno, House and Vintage Soul grooves.